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What is a buyer's agent, and how do they differ from a traditional real estate agent?

A buyer's agent is a licensed real estate professional who represents the buyer's interests during the property buying process. Unlike traditional real estate agents who work for the seller, a buyer's agent works exclusively for the buyer, helping them find the perfect property and negotiating the best possible price and terms on their behalf.

How much does it cost to use a buyer's agent, and who pays the fees?

The cost of using a buyer's agent varies, but it is typically a small upfront fee to get started & a percentage of the purchase price of the property, upon success. The buyer pays the buyer's agent's success fee, once the desired property has been found and secured.

How long does it typically take to find a property with the help of a buyer's agent?

The time it takes to find a property with the help of a buyer's agent depends on a variety of factors, including the buyer's budget, location preferences, and property requirements. However, with the help of a buyer's agent, they can typically find suitable properties within a few weeks to a few months.

Can a buyer's agent help me with the financing process, or do I need to work with a separate lender?

While a buyer's agent can provide guidance on the financing process, they are not typically licensed to provide financing themselves. However, a buyer's agent can recommend reputable lenders and mortgage brokers who can help buyers secure financing for their property purchase.

How does a buyer's agent handle negotiations on my behalf, and what can I expect during the negotiation process?

During the negotiation process, a buyer's agent will present the buyer's offer to the seller's agent and negotiate on the buyer's behalf. This can involve multiple rounds of back-and-forth negotiation until both parties reach an agreement on the price and terms of the purchase contract. Throughout the negotiation process, the buyer's agent will keep the buyer informed of any developments and provide guidance on how to proceed.

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